Rob Korobkin

I'm a web developer and independent journalist living in Portland, ME. I love to travel, meet good people and document different kinds of community projects. I also enjoy developing open-source web technology, some of which you can find on this page.

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things I make
Web Development Tutorials

Here’s a page of tutorials that I made for learning web development skills. Have fun!

Test out your CSS!
Single Element
Multi Element

UI Replications:

Angular JS Tutorials:
Toggling between interfaces
Fun with circles!
Turning JSON into HTML

Advanced JavaScript:
Sudoku Solver

U For Life

I made an app that integrated yearbooks into Facebook that got sold to a bunch of universities.  It’s cool.  Tulane For Life

Premier Estate Properties

I made a real estate website to sell mansions in Florida.  It’s got some cool API stuff, data visualization, image and video handling and search tools.

Check it out!

PixWithMe Photo Contests

I made a Facebook app to support crowd-sourced photo contests.  The Boston Celtics, The New England Patriots and RapidBuyr used it to engage their followers.  Here is the instance we did for RapidBuyr.

people I meet
Grace Lee Boggs

Born in 1915, Grace Lee Boggs has been involved in struggle for almost a century.  Will Bornstein of the Global Listening Project and I visited her at her home in Detroit during the summer of 2013.

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Ryan – Unite-Here Philly!

Unite-Here! organizer Ryan Nissim-Sabat invited us to his home in West Philly.  We ate baklava, played chess, and talked about the hunger strike he was leading, what drives him to organize resistance and the reasons he remains hopeful about our chances to win. read more

Bernardo – Hart ‘n Sol

Bernardo McLaughlin is a community organizer, worker and general trouble-maker in Hartford, CT.  We hung out at his house and talked about the challenges of sustaining meaningful, radical community action at the local level.

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stories I write
HopeActs – Building hope in the Portland community

Pastor Allen Ewing-Merrill serves as the Executive Director of Hope Acts, a new secular not-for-profit organization in Portland providing a range of services to both recent immigrants seeking asylum and people recovering from addiction.  One morning in the spring of 2014, I met up with him to hear more about his work.

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Making the Best of the Worst of Times

This is a feature-length article I wrote while at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies about how one of the old union strongholds of the northeastern US was surviving the closing of its paper mills.

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Michael Wingfield is a world-class African percussionist with a passion for teaching kids all over Maine to play hand drums and come together in rhythm.

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